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We are a foundation in search of saving lives through nourishment, education and sports.

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Who are we?

The Un Par Por Un Sueño Foundation was established in 2014 with the main goal of gathering soccer shoes for young athletes living in the slums of Caracas. Nowadays, we have expanded to areas other than sports, such as food, nourishment and health. Moreover, we carry out constant work in specific communities where we transform those spaces thanks to the hard work of young committed Venezuelan volunteers.

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Where do we work?

We focus our efforts in the communities of Petare, where we try to show how Venezuela can become a great country where kids can have food, health, recreation and better opportunities so they can grow as exemplary citizens.

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How do we do it?

With the help of different groups of volunteers, we constantly perform recreational and educational activities for the kids because we believe that a child needs more than a plate of food to become a good citizen. Throughout our food pantries, we do not only assist kids coming from zones where people suffer from malnourishment, but we also give them the medical assistance they need.

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Feeding program

We organized a concert in Miami, Florida, with more than 18 world-class artists. Thanks to this event, we were able to provide food to 8,431 children. As a result, there was a 40% increase in class attendance in the publics schools of the Sucre Municipality, Venezuela.

Since December 2017, we have continued working on the feeding program by opening food diners near schools in these municipalities. In less than a year, we have provided food to 850 children in 7 different diners.

Our feeding program provides medical assistance, education and recreation to the children.

Our Alliances

Thanks to diverse strategic alliances with public figures, companies and organizations we have made it possible to help more children every day in Venezuela, and create change in the country. We count on volunteers around the world that help us with our cause.

Our ambassadors

Tomás Rincón

Venezuelan national football team captain and player at Torino F.C.

Lale Fit

The official nutritionist of our program.

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Alexandra Méndez


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